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How do you build better profits in a world of constantly shrinking margins?  Well, one suggestion is a frozen cocktail machine, from Spaceman.  Just consider the facts.  You take the same ingredients that you currently serve on the rocks, you freeze it into a nice slush, and you charge more for it.  Same cost…higher selling price. Can’t beat that.

Read about how to turn a $10 margarita into a $12 margarita here.

Already using a blender for your margarita’s?  How’s that noise factor going?  What about consistency from one drink to the next, from one night to another?  And when your bar is packed, how many less drinks do you sell because your bartender is tied up all night making daiquiri’s for the bachelorette party?

Lease a Spaceman margarita machine

A Spaceman frozen cocktail machine resolves all these issues.  They make better drinks, they make them quicker and easier.

Spaceman offers a full line of the world’s best frozen beverage machines, from self-contained bar top units to 50 gallons per hour remote monster machines.

Finance a Spaceman margarita machine

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ICEsurance only carries the best frozen drink machines in the industry, that's why we go with Spaceman and their outstanding lineup of margarita machines, frozen drink mixers, and batch freezers!

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