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Classic Cube Ice

The cube is square again!

In the evolution of language, something happened to the meaning of ice cube.  The definition deteriorated over the last few decades to include any pebble shaped, pea sized, crescent or rhomboid form of frozen H2O that could be dropped into a glass.

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The reason is simple: the manufacturers that make the machines that make commercially consumed ice found they could make ice easier if they could cut corners, literally.

And let’s face it, the industry was driven by fast food and Convenience Store chains where a paper cup is filled with as much tightly packed, liquid displacing ice pebbles as possible, and then an opaque lid is slapped over it, so really, who cared what the ice looked like?

Did anyone care about the Cocktail Lounge, the boutique hotel, the country club, and the steak house?

Kold-Draft cared.  While all the other brands marched to the tune of mass consumption and commoditized acceptance, Kold-Draft continued to craft the one machine that adds value to a beverage menu.

For the ultimate presentation, there is no better cube than the old fashioned, square ice cube.  It’s big- 1.25” on each side, more than twice the mass of any other option available today.  Use a classic cube from Kold-Draft and turn any drink into a classic cocktail.

No other machine that makes ice can match the sense of quality that a classic cube lends to your beverage menu.

And your customers will know it and appreciate it.

When your customer asks for an 18 year old single malt, he’s telling you that quality is important to him.  So why serve that scotch to your customer on the same ice that comes with a Big Mac & Fries?

Look at your back bar shelving.  Aren’t the premium brands displayed in the best locations, so your customers will notice them?  Look at your stemware and rocks glasses.  Didn’t you take time to select just the right design to compliment your décor and re-enforce the quality image you want your customers to acknowledge?

Now look at those little Happy Meal cubes you’re serving….Isn’t it time to complete the picture, isn’t it time to pour a drink that looks like a drink, not a soda pop, isn’t it time to graduate to the classic cube, the Kold-Draft classic cube from ICEsurance?

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ICEsurance offers the latest in commercial ice making machines:

  • Kold-Draft GT360 Series
  • Kold-Draft GT560 Series
  • Kold-Draft GB560 Series
  • Kold-Draft GB1060 Series
  • Hoshizaki IM-500SAA
  • Ice-O-Matic Self-Contained Series
  • Ice-O-Matic Modular Series


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