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The Benefits of Leasing

It’s about service

Our leases are full service agreements where we take care of everything for a low monthly cost. 

We install it and we service it.  Seven days a week.  365 days a year.

And we back it up with our ice guarantee. 

That’s right, if your leased ice machine breaks down, we will deliver free ice.

Call today! 800-999-5616

So let’s see… you get an ice machine, you get service seven days a week with parts & labor included, and it’s all backed up with an ice guaranty…   Now that’s service!

It’s about flexibility.

Our full service leases give you so much flexibility.   What other source is there that offers such a huge selection of equipment to choose from?  And how about the ability to change out the equipment as your needs change---bigger or smaller?  You can’t get that at Joe’s Kitchen Supply.  We also have an option to buy with lease payments applied.  Now, that’s flexibility!

It’s about the money.

Is spending $5000.00 on an ice machine that you are locked into the best way to invest your money?  With leasing, your monthly payment is a write off.  So, no capital costs, and a tax break…now that’s fiscally responsible

It’s about the expertise.

Let our professionals help you select the right machine, install it and service it.  It’s what we do every day.  We don’t sell toasters, blenders, or stemware.  We do ice machines and soft serve machines.…  Now that’s some industry knowledge!

It’s about ease.

We make it easy for you, no capital outlay, excellent service, guaranteed ice, and option to purchase…Now that’s a good deal!

Lease with us today, were just a simple phone call or email away

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Ruby's Oyster Bar & Bistro

"With ICEsurance we get the service and flexibility we need to always have the right solution to any ice related issues.  With seven restaurants packed on Saturday night, our management needs to focus on the kitchen and the customer, not worry about ice. 

One quick call gets prompt service and a free ice delivery.  They offer a great selection of equipment in their leasing program, and we take advantage of the choices depending on the location, with classic cubes for an upscale bar look, flakers for our shellfish display, and traditional cocktail ice in the dining rooms."

Jim Sullivan, President and CEO

The Pearl Management Group

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