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The Best Ice for Hotels

ICEsurance can help your hotel meet all of your ice needs! Almost all hotels have ice machines, with some on every floor.Equipment Financing Options Available


From the kitchen to the other floors of a hotel are ice machines. Guests and workers rely on these ice machines.

Having an ice machine on every floor has become to norm in hotels. Guests will want to have an ice machine at its most convenient to them.


If they see that an ice machine is broken, it will offset their view of the hotel.


With ICEsurance and our full service agreements, you won’t have to worry about your machine breaking down.


We’ll also back it up with our ice guarantee, giving you free ice if the machine cannot produce ice.


Give us a call or email %3Ea%2F%3C6000ps4000psecnaruseci1000psselasecnaruseci%3E%226000ps4000psecnaruseci1000psselasecnaruseci3000psot2000ps%22%3Dferh%20a%3C for any questions on our full-service agreements and what kind of ice is best for you! 

The ICEsurance lease is a premium full service program tailored to your specific needs, and includes these excellent benefits:

  • Delivery & Installation
  • Service 7 days a week
  • Parts & Labor
  • FREE ice delivery in event of equipment malfunction
  • OPTION to buy with payments applied
  • EPA approved disposal of old equipment